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Titan Corporation was a United States-based company with its headquarters located in San Diego, California. It was acquired by L-3 Communications on June 3, 2005 and operated as the "Titan Group" of L-3 Communications. In early 2007, divisions using the Titan Group name were internally directed to discontinue use of the "Titan" moniker and were given new names.

Bait and switch type of advertising! I received a notice stating I was pre approved for $26k for a PERSONAL LOAN- I spoke with the rep who by the way took 4 days to get someone on the phone!!! he then tells me he can get me a personal loan- I told him I am NOT INTERESTED in a DEBT CONSOLIDATION PROGRAM since that only ruins your credit more since you have to stop making payments to your creditors for at least 3 months and be in a negative status with your creditors and I have great credit just looking to do 1 payment monthly not to a lot of creditors like I do now. I have excellent payment history, never late, etc. Lo and behold he tells me a few hours later they would be looking to do the debt consolidation program...WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!!!


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